We provide our customers with cost-effective assembly, testing and packaging services for individual parts, larger components, modules and complete devices in the field of medical technology and in other technical sectors. This includes developing and implementing customized assembly solutions, ranging from the production of small-scale batches to three-shift manufacturing.

Depending on the product, a variety of production processes, such as welding, bonding, bolting, hot caulking, riveting and in-process testing, which can include dimensional, functional and visual inspections, can be incorporated into the assembly solution.

We also include finishing procedures, such as pad printing, in our assembly processes. Because of the need to adapt the process to differently-shaped products, we provide pad printing as a standard in-house service. A variety of flat and round printing systems and our own machine for manufacturing printing pads allow us to provide a highly flexible service.

We are experts in manual and partially automated assembly solutions.