Microbiological diagnostic equipment

In the clean rooms at our headquarters in Hengersberg, we develop and produce the highest quality microbiological diagnostic equipment. In addition, we manufacture customer-specific packaging.

Our range consists of the following products:

Urine dip slides
Urine dip slides are used for bacterial counts and the culturing of selected bacteria in urine. They also indicate whether bacteria that are resistant to Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole or Norfloxacin are present in the urine. All the dip slides have an extra-large CLED agar area to make reading the results and transferring the colonies easier. Each slide also has a MacConckey agar area for detecting Gram-negative bacteria. The third culture medium is a selective agar which can be used for resistance testing.

Stool sample containers
These transport containers are used to detect simple and complex pathogenic intestinal bacteria. The containers are CE/IVD-marked, shatterproof (PP), resistant to chemicals and have a long shelf life. A filtration unit developed in-house allows the parasites in the stool to be processed simply, cleanly and without odor.

Tubes of liquid media
Staphylococcus enrichment broth is used to enrich MRSA and MSSA. The enrichment procedure is recommended for detecting MRSA.

Dip slides for hygiene monitoring
Current hygiene guidelines and quality assurance systems (for example, GMP and HACCP) not only require measures to be taken to ensure personal and production hygiene, but also routine hygiene level checks for production processes and documentation of the results. The dip slides developed and produced by Axonbiotech allow the total bacteria count and individual bacteria to be detected on surfaces and in liquids. This makes hygiene monitoring very simple. In addition, the patented swivel arm ensures even, standardized pressure on surfaces.