Developing and implementing special machines for specific customers, test equipment and automation systems

Our most important aim is to meet the requirements of our customers and the market. With tailor-made technology and efficient engineering services, we produce cost-effective solutions which we develop in collaboration with our customers. Transparency and openness to new developments characterize everything we do. During the quotation and design phases we incorporate our customers’ individual ideas and requirements into the process. Our technical expertise and high levels of performance and reliability allow us to manage challenging projects.

  • We design and build machines for the medical, electronics and automotive industries. We are also happy to provide these services to other sectors.
  • In order to meet the requirements of our customers from the medical and pharmaceutical industries, we support the qualification of automation and test systems. We can develop complete customized machine qualification processes (GMP, GAMP) in collaboration with our customers.

Industries and product areas
In the medical field, we supply manufacturers of plastic and metal components, in particular needle and cannula producers. Our partially and fully automated testing and assembly processes are also used by manufacturers of medical products. For the automotive industry, we specialize in constructing testing systems for headlamps. In this area, the functional tests include physical testing methods and the use of high-quality camera systems. Our machines and equipment are used in a broad range of applications from small test labs through to heavy industry.