Back to the overview 28. September 2012

New Partnership of Axonbiotech and Medco

For over 20 years, Medco has been active on the German market as a producer of microbiological culture media. The 1st of October 2012 marks the beginning of a new era for Medco. Managing Director Prof. Dr. Dana Milatovic hands over the company management to Axon Biotech GmbH. She accompanies and supports the company as a consultant. Now, Dr. Thomas Wolfrum, General Manager of Axonbiotech, and Sabine Oswald are the executive managers of Medco. Dr. Thomas Wolfrum has a long experience in the production of microbial products and is a proven knowledge holder in this field. Sabine Oswald has been working for Medco since 2005 and in the Management for many years. This partnership ensures the continuity of all Medco activities and products.

The merger will allow both companies to leverage synergies and expand their portfolio. Now customers can benefit from more products and services. This partnership safeguards the continuity of Medco┬┤s activities and products.